10 Best Features of MS Excel to make the most out of it

MS Excel has been the best source of stack data and analyzed it as per the needs since its advent. People from all the fields who need to store a well-formatted data and wants them to get timely examined uses MS Excel and Excel Sheets. Though the sheets are easy to make and can be learned through basic tutorials but there lie some best time-saving tools to get you going.

These sheets do have a difficult side to themselves. Though only known to professional they still are handy for general works and tasks to perform. They are used by professionals simply doesn’t mean that they serve only purposes with higher needs they work well even in simple day to day chores. Let’s take a look.

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Conditional Formatting

This tool is used to study data patterns. It auto analyzes data to find some trends in them. There is always a pattern to every set of data. The Same concept is used in this tool. It studies the pattern and then uses colored bars to highlight similar data trends which makes it easier to notice patterns while analyzing data which may go unseen while analyzing raw data. Find it as follows Home>> Styles >> Conditional Formatting.

Excel Tables

Excel Tables are most efficient way to manage and store any data.It will do the same even if you manage to open it after decades once saved. The whole process is automated. The most important attribute being it manages to keep the data consistent with the entire process. To use it Insert >>Table>> Tables.

Pivot Tables

Pivot is a single thing which gives a sense of whole data by just looking at individual elements. Pivot Tables enables the user to manage huge sums of data in less time. It is a time conserving process. It also processes the same data and makes changes at the back end. It is an efficient data management tool. Find it through Insert >> Table >> Pivot Tables.

Filtering and Sorting

It may take many of you folks by surprise, but yes it is one of the best tools to find and arrange data as per the needs of users. Most of the people try to sort manually, but this tool makes no mistake and gives a full proof result. Go through Data >> Sort and Filter.

Name Manager

This tool allows the user to set default names to a certain cell or range for a particular excel sheet. This will save users’ time and also it will make it easy to get known to certain data in a single look.  You can apply this tool by clicking the text field and referring to upper left cell range and then type the name with no white spaces in the ‘defined names’ dialogue box and hit enter. It all set up.

VBA Macros

VBA Macros comes as a boon to many. It is by far the best tool any user can ask for. It is a tool that lets the user personalize the excel and be a developer by customizing excel. It lets the user import a VB Code and modify the excel. It can also be used to introduce an algorithm to analyze a particular set of data. Start using it by the following Developer >> Code >> Visual Basic.

Basic Math

It obviously needs to be included as the beginner start using it and then resort to more complex functions once they start to excel in excel. But this feature comes handy when there is a need to perform simple tasks which use basic mathematics operands. It also conserves time as compared to those silly complicated structures.

Flash Fill

It was incorporated in the new MS Excel 2013 edition. It studies the data behavior. It analyzes the pattern of data that is entered and compares it to recent entries. Based on its analysis it predicts the next combination of data to be entered.

Goal Seek

It is again a tool incorporated in MS Excel 2013 edition. There are times when we know what the answer is because we have done all the calculations beforehand and know for sure what will be the answer but somehow the correct answer never shows. Goal Seek makes it easier, what it does is that it inputs the answer and then outputs the combination of questions which will lead to the answer.

Cloud Support

We all know the use of cloud storage. It’s nothing to be introduced to. Excel has extended itself to support cloud storage. Users can upload any of the excel files to Microsoft’s Cloud Storage named SkyDrive and then those files can be accessed on any device around the world, modified and can be saved again too.

So here were the ten best features of MS Excel which will obviously help you to finish some task on hand pretty soon.

Top things to gift your girlfriend

Relationships are all about making one another feel special and loved. There are many ways of expressing the love of which the most popular way is gifted. Gifts are unique because a lot of time and thought process is involved when we gift something to someone. The receiver cherishes the gift, and soon enough it becomes a memory for that person. Thus gifts should be given a lot of thought, and one just cannot buy something randomly as a gift. Girlfriend is one of the most special persons in the life and hence the gift which you choose for your girlfriend should be special. Here are some gift suggestions for you to gift your girlfriend.


One thing loved by all the ladies hands down is jewelry. Gifting jewelry to your girlfriend is a very special gesture for her, and you will always find her wearing the jewelry you gifted. Another benefit of gifting jewelry is there is a lot of variety. You can gift anything from earrings to anklets, and your girlfriend would be happy about it. This is a foolproof gift to show your love for your girlfriend. You can find the review of products in several review websites and pick the best one.

Coffee Mug

Now a coffee mug may sound boring and unromantic but well it is not if you quite think about it. The coffee mug will be used by your girlfriend every morning, and every morning she sees that mug she would be reminded of you. You can customize the mug by maybe putting her favorite quotes on it or maybe related to her favorite TV Show. Customizing the coffee mug would definitely make this gift all the more special.


Girls love clothes, and your girlfriend cannot thank you enough if you gift her that top which she wanted since a long time. Or the scarf which is always wanted but never bought. Gifting clothing is an excellent gift. You can find a broad range of clothes which you can gift. The choice is important, and you also need to put a lot of thought before buying any clothing item. Reading the product reviews is the best method to find the best clothing and its trend for your loved ones.

Greeting Card

A simple greeting card can do wonders to strengthen your relationship. You can always give your girlfriend a card with all your feelings. If you are good to design a greetings card, then can make one yourself as it will be more special to her. But if you are bad when it comes to art and craft, there are many greeting cards available online which you can choose from.

Photo Album

A beautiful photo album with your photos together is a very nice gift to give to your girlfriend. You can even make a time frame for the same and have photos since you first started dating till now. Photo albums are also available online, and there are a lot of options for you which you can choose.

Let’s hope all the above options come handy in bringing a smile on your girlfriend’s face and make great memories for you. But make sure you pick the best product from the best product reviews you read from the users who have used the product before. That can help you a lot when it comes to choosing.

Best gifts for mother’s day which you should present

There comes one day of every year when mothers all around the world are celebrated for their presence and the gift of life. Mother’s undivided care and attention towards her children deserve appreciation in some form or the other. We all take things for granted that mothers do for us, from getting food on the plate without help to the extreme care when we fall ill, a mother’s work is round the clock.  Therefore, this mother’s day plans a special day for your mom and buy or make her a gift for a personal touch.

Best gifts for your mother

Mothers hold a special place for her children and so do her kids for their mother. Every year there is one day dedicated to your mother and taking this day to express your love and gratitude towards her is the best time. Make your mother feel special and gift her something she would love. Here you can find some best gift ideas that you can consider giving.

  • A diary – You must have noticed your mom making to-do list all the time, but it is usually on loose sheets that she finds lying around. So this mother’s day gift a fancy diary that is well decorated and designed. You can also make a booklet with your own creativeness for that personal touch.
  • Jewelry – All mothers like to own some jewelry be it real or artificial, moms always dress up and style it off with the perfect complementing jewelry. So find jewelry that will suit your mother and what she likes.
  • A book – If your mother reads a lot then find her, the perfect book to gift her. Get to know some of her most loved books from when she was young which she never forgot until this date. Gift her favorite book with a side note or a message on the book, and you are good to go.
  • Bath products – Mothers, work hard not only for her children but also for the whole family and sometimes it is exhausting. Keeping this in mind gift your mother bath products with which she can have a long and nice bath that will help her relax.
  • Dress – A good looking dress would always be a great choice for mother’s day prsent. I would recommend you to present these kaftan tops to your mother.
  • Handbag – Handbags are always a good idea to gift as it comes in handy anywhere people go. Gift your mother a stylish handbag that she can carry on any occasion and make sure it is roomy enough so that she can fit all the necessities.

Find some review sites to get the best product reviews before you choose the product.

Other things you can do

Material things do not have that personal touch to it, and it can be forgotten so Many things you can do to your mother on this special day. Here are few things you can do with her.

  • Take her shopping- Break your mother out of that routine work, take her shopping or just window-shopping and make a day out of it just for your mother.
  • Lunch to her favorite restaurant- If your mother is a professional working surprise her during her lunch hour and take her out she will surely be surprised.
  • Take over tasks at home- On this special day take over things at home, do chores that your mother does all the time and give her a break from the routine.

Summing up

With all the above gift ideas and things, you can do for your mother you are sure to make this mother’s day special and remember to wish her happy mother’s day.

How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode in Chrome, Firefox & Android?

Are you the one who loves to watch favorite and popular YouTube channels like Pewdiepie, Leafyishere, etc? Are you a fan who watches YouTube video day and night? If the answers are yes to our questions, then we have a got a great news for you. We know that thousands of minutes of videos are uploaded daily on YouTube and since the past few years, it has gained a lot of popularity due to its expansion on various devices that includes Smartphone, Tablets, etc.

Anyways, today we have got the news that a guy on Reddit has discovered a cool trick, or hack you can say of YouTube, which allows one to watch YouTube in dark also easily by enabling the YouTube Dark Mode. Wait, what? Yes, you heard it absolutely right! This thing is totally new and was found out just 1-2 days back! Anyways, let’s not waste any more time and instead learn how we can enable this dark mode in browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Steps To Enable The YouTube Dark Mode In Google Chrome Browser:

(Note: This is working as of Chrome version 57 and above)

1) Like we said, it’s functioning properly on Chrome version 57 or above. So, kindly upgrade your browser, if you haven’t. Well, if you want to check your version status then you can do that by heading on to Help, by clicking on three dots on top right corner of the browser. From help, head on to “About Google Chrome” section and there you will be able to see your version.

2) Now, hit up on Youtube.com and now you have to open “Developer Tools”.  Some people also call it Inspect element. Anyways, you can do that easily by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I
3) After you have done that, you would be presented with a box. Now, there click on the second tab, named “Console”.

4) Now, this is an important part. You have to there paste this code:




5) Proceed by pressing “Enter

6) Make sure that you are logged in your account and now you should click on your profile and there you will see an option called “Dark Mode

7) Click on that option, and again you will be greeted with a small box stating the info about Dark mode. Just check that if you want and then just enable the toggle next to option “ACTIVATE DARK MODE“.

8) Boom! Everything is now done! You should now see dark and white+red color combination interface on the screen, instead of the regular red and white interface.


Steps To Enable Dark Mode In Firefox:

(Note: Make sure you are running Mozilla Firefox version 52 or above)

Enabling in Firefox is almost same like we did in Chrome. Still, let’s see how to do it.

1) Open Firefox, and head to Youtube.com             

2) Now, we have to open “Web Console” and to do that, we can press “Ctrl+Shift+K”. 

3) We have now opened the developer options! Same thing like above, head on to the second tab called “Console”

4) Now, enter the following code into the tab:


5) Make final movie by pressing “Enter” button.

6) Now, you have to just go ahead, refresh your page and enable the dark mode toggle to see the new dark theme. (Note: If facing some problem, try to clear your browser’s cookies and data.)

Steps To Enable Dark Mode In Android:

Well, for Android there’s still no straightaway code trick like we did for Chrome and Firefox. Instead, we here use the browser’s inbuilt night mode, or we use some third party app. Some of you guys may already know about it. But, still, we will do it here by taking the example of UC web browser.

Like we see in UC web browser, you can click on the three dotted lines and turn on “Night Mode” by clicking on the half moon sign and then you can access anything in dark mode, even YouTube. You can also change it back anytime whenever you wish or feel like. Same thing applies to other browsers also, like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. If you don’t like viewing YouTube on mobile in the browser, then you can switch to some 3rd party app which support for dark mode for YouTube viewing.

youtube dark mode

Dark Mode in UC Web Browser


WOW! So we have now learnt to get rid of the old white and red theme and view YouTube in the new dark mode theme. But, a sad thing has been reported by our research that this thing is not working on Safari browser, due to some reason. Still, at least you can try out in other browsers! So, from now on you won’t have problem viewing YouTube at night time. If you liked reading our article, then share it with your friends. Also, let us know your YouTube Dark Mode experience in the comments section below.


Super Mario Run Alternatives For Android 2017

When we were kids, we all loved playing the video game Super Mario. By looking at the popularity of this video game, Super Mario run has been released by Nintendo for the mobile platform. But only the iOS users experience this game now. So, if you are a owner of iPhone then you can play this, but you need to pay $10 for unlocking it. Unfortunately, this game will not be launched for Android platform.

Android users also want to play this game, but they have to wait till 2017. You can find many Android gaming apps those can be alternatives for Super Mario. Today we will discuss some of them.

Super Mario Alternatives for Android

Jetpack Joyride

Fruit ninja game has developed Jetpack Joyride. Barry Steakfries is the hero and endless runner of this game. You have to dodge the lasers and missiles along with boasting the dragons, science lab and mechs. This game is similar to Super Mario Run game as the hero needs to run endlessly in order to accomplish the task. You don’t need to pay money for unlocking this game for your Android phones.


Temple Run 2

Just like Super Mario Run, the player has to collect coins while running endlessly, but the look and feel of this game are different. The player has to be escaping himself from the dragon and collect coins as much as possible. There are different levels present in the game, which will unlock after winning prior stage just like Super Mario Run. The player has to cross many obstacles and jump from long gaps on the floor in order to accomplish the task and collect a good amount of coins. The game is available at free of cost in Android play store.

Sonic Dash

Well, the sonic dash is quite similar to Super Mario Run as the player has to run without knowing the end. It is a 2D game, and a player can use the abilities of Sonic in order to take advantage in the game. The player has to run, jump, roll and spin and has to reach the end. The game does not ask for money in order to be played on Android phones and is easily available on the Android store.

Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures is a 2D game which features limb-less hero. The player has to recover the stolen eggs which belong to the ancient time. Players also get the chance to collect the creatures and then can feed them and also can play and make music with them. It is somewhere similar to Super Mario Run and is a good alternative until the launch of the Super Mario run game in android phones. You do not need to pay for this game as you get this game from the Android store at free of cost.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

You will get the opportunity to command the unicorn in Robot Unicorn Attack 2. the unicorn can run, jump and play in this game. Players can get various facilities like creating own Unicorns, taking giants, and fly. The look this game is quite colorful and enjoyable. You can get this game from the Android store at free of cost.


Final Words

These are some games which can be considered as alternatives of Super Mario. You can play these games on your Android device and experience same feeling as a iOS user feels when he/she play Super Mario.

How to download YouTube videos in different resolutions?

YouTube provides a great medium by which one can watch, upload, download and share number of videos across Internet. Nothing is better than YouTube when it comes to video. There are various soft wares and applications available by which you can download YouTube videos to your laptop or mobile. Some soft wares also allow you to download the mp3 version of the video for audio purposes. But the real problem is getting the video in desired resolution and format. Most software allows you to download a YouTube video only in a specialized format but your requirement may be different and you may need a video in specific format like in High definition format.  Below are some of the simple software applications available by which you can download videos in any format and resolution.

og youtube apk

Download different resolution videos using OG YouTube

It is an amazing android application that gives you access to a number of features of YouTube. You can download any video in a specific format without opening it. Basically, you can download the video from the application directly. If you haven’t tried this application then you are definitely missing a trick. Below are the steps to download YouTube videos in different resolutions using OGYouTube.

  1. Enable “Unknown Sources” by going to Settings> Security > Check box Unknown Sources.
  2. Download and install OGYouTube by using the direct link or official link of the website.
  3. Open the YouTube application and start playing the video
  4. As the video starts playing, a pop-up will appear on the screen
  5. In the pop-up section, you have the option to select Video Quality, Audio Quality, Subtitle and size information.
  6. Select Video quality ->you can choose 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p and according to the size of the video, size of video file will also increase. You can also choose 3gp, mp4, mkv etc. as video format.
  7. A short progress bar will be visible on the screen pop up. It will show you the transfer rate of video (Download speed in Mbps or Kbps) and how much time it will take for transfer to complete.
  8. Once the download is complete, you can view the video in your SD card.
  9. You can download multiple video files at the same. Most of the time YouTube doesn’t allow you to view HD videos due to certain restrictions but once the video is downloaded using OG YouTube App, then you can easily play videos in any desired resolution.

Other applications for downloading YouTube videos in different resolutions

Apart from OGYouTube downloader, you can also find various other applications available in the market that allows you to download and watch videos in desired resolution. Some of the applications are TubeMate, Videoder, FrostWire Plus, Get Tube etc.


Also, you can find some file convertor applications available as well that allows you to save a video in a specific resolution. One of such file convertor applications is iFun Converter application.


The requirement for a video in desired resolution is always in demand. Some people like to save certain videos in low Format (360p or 240p) in order to save download size and video size while there are certain people who like to save a video in HD format (720p, 1080p). Therefore the requirement of a resolution may vary but you may choose OG YouTube downloader in order to download YouTube videos in desired resolution.

How to hack android games with Freedom apk?

Android is the widely used operating system in the market. Almost 95% of the Smartphones run on Android-based OS with small modifications here and there. Android OS is open source software and many companies have already indulged into the android development of this open source software; due to this reason we see billions of games available for Android. Many of the games are free but some of them are paid which requires the users to spend their hard earned money and download the game.

freedom apk download

Hack android game

Hacking an Android game means you need to have the superuser right in the operating system. If you have got the superuser right then you are free to modify it as per your requirement. By hacking an android Game, you unlock all its features and get access to every space within it. There are two ways to hack an Android Game.

  1. With Rooting

  2. Without Rooting

Method 1: How to hack Android game With Rooting?

Freedom apk is yet another type of application that is used for hacking most of the Android games. It helps in changing the values of the games directly as per your choice. There are certain pre-requisites for installing this application. One of the key things is to ensure that your Android phone should be rooted because you need to have superuser rights in order to run this application. With the help of this method, you can easily hack a number of Android games such as Clash of Clans, Subway surfers, temple run and much more.

Follow below easy steps

  1. Download freedom apk and install the application.
  2. Open the application and grant it superuser rights.
  3. Now open the game you wish to hack. As you open the game, a small rectangle icon will be visible on top of the screen.
  4. Now modify the game application as per the requirement such as enter the number of free coins you wish to download.
  5. Your application is now hacked.

Method 2: How to hack Android Game without Rooting?

  1. First, you need to download and install Lucky Patcher application.
  2. After installing the application, you need to open it.
  3. In the application, you will be able to see all the available games installed in your device.
  4. Select the game that has in-app purchases or that you wish to hack.
  5. Now Click on “Open Menu of patches”
  6. Create modified APK file (it helps in building the modified hacked version of APK file) and click on Apkrebuilded for InApp and LVL emulation.
  7. Now you need to wait for some time so that apk could re-build.
  8. Now, uninstall the hacked version of the game. Open file manager and go to the SD card link mentioned as follows- Card>Android>data>com.forpda.lp>files>lucky patcher>modified>required game.
  9. Check the game, install it and you are all set to enjoy hacked version of the game.


Above are some of the simple steps to hack your android game. You can use either method – using root or without root access. With the help of above hacking methods, you can unlock all features in any Android game and stay on the top of the scoreboard.

Benefits of having a Power Bank & 2 Things to Consider While Buying it

Power Bank is used to charge your phone when you run out of battery, and you don’t have access to the electric point. In most cases, when you are out of the home, Power Bank is a recommended gadget.  If you make and receive a lot of calls, this is indeed a must have gadget for you.

In the early days of mobile technology, phones were very strong with the battery backup because they used to have very few functionalities and low graphics that don’t drain much of the phone’s battery. But, ever since Smartphones have come into the market, the biggest problem users are facing is a low battery.


Almost all the smartphones have this problem which is not because they offer low-quality battery, but this happens because of multitasking, the internet, HD display, etc. Nowadays, smartphones are like mini computers; you can do almost all the basic stuff that you do on your PC such as checking emails, using Facebook, accessing a website, instant messaging, audio calls, video calls, and few more. These all are the reasons that make battery drains fast.

Due to this issue, Power Banks are developed which have batteries inside them that are comparatively of more mAh than your phone’s. So, you can charge the Power Bank, and take it along when you move out of your home. If you run out of battery while you are on the way, just plug your phone into it, and your phone will be charged. Isn’t it cool?power banks india

There is a long list of best Power Banks in India and other countries available online to buy at affordable prices, and I think it is a must have gadget if you have a smartphone, and your travel a lot.


Check out the list of 5 benefits of Power Banks Below

  1. Charge your phone anytime – I have already talked earlier in this article that you can charge your phone anytime if you have power bank with you. Try to get a power bank with huge capacity so that you won’t run out of battery throughout the day.
  2. Portable – Power Banks are usually small and light. Hence they are easily portable. You can take it along when you go on to some trip or travel to somewhere. When you go to trips, you should carry a solar power bank which charges itself with sunlight, and then charges your phone. So cool is that!
  3. Multiple Sockets – Modern Power Banks offer multiple sockets, and that are implemented keeping the thing in mind that people nowadays use multiple phones and gadgets. So, multiple sockets enable you to charge multiple devices at once.
  4. Work for all brands – Power Banks work well with any brand. No matter you have a smartphone of Nokia, Moto, or Samsung, it works with all.
  5. Low Cost – Power Banks come with different specifications and costs. You can get the one that is affordable for you.

2 Things you should consider while buying a Power Bank

USB Charging – Though USB charging is just the basic and normal feature of Power Banks, you must take into account checking whether it has multiple sockets or not. Try to buy one with multiple sockets so that you will be able to charge multiple gadgets at once.

Also, check if the power bank you are going to buy supports almost all devices or just smartphones. Consider buying one that supports other devices like iPod, PSP, iPad, iPhone, etc.

Price and Capacity – Price is the most important factor to consider. Look for the power banks fits into your budget but also, look for the capacity it offers. It’s not like you are getting 4000 mAh Power Bank at 3000 INR. You must look for it to know whether the price justifies the capacity and quality of the product.

Try to get one that offers over-charging protection because it is a crucial feature of power banks that saves your devices being over-charged.


I am sure you have enough info about Power Banks, and next time when you plan to buy, you must act smart to choose the best one.

Don’t think much and get a good Power Bank for you and enjoy your phone on the go without having a fear of running out of battery.

What Are Keyloggers And How to Protect Yourself from Them?

In the world of Computers and Internet, safety is the main concern because you may not want someone to invade into your PC and steal your confidential information. Nowadays, we even use online banking. Just think if someone gets our credentials they may steal your money too. Though online banking is much secured, it is said that nothing is safe online. But, by using precautions and implementing few security measures we can make ourselves safe.

Keyloggers are the small tools that record all the keystrokes. Hackers use it frequently to trap people to click on some links that install the Keylogger in their PC without even they know. And, when they type their passwords to login to their email, Facebook, banking, etc. all of the strokes are recorded. Now, advanced Keyloggers have the feature of sending an email to specified email address. Hackers put their email address there, so that whenever it records keystrokes and make a log file, it sends that log report to that email address. This way, they get your detail.

Now the question is how to stay protected from them?

What are the safety measures that we can use to protect yourself from such Keyloggers?

Don’t worry; I am here to share a list of ways that you can use to protect yourself from Keyloggers.

  1. Install Firewall on your PC

Firewall blocks every program to perform any task on your computer. Say, when you install a software program, your Firewall prompts you that this software wants to make some changes to your computer. If you click on allow then only the setup proceeds.

There are many things that your Firewall blocks and prompts you first whether to allow or not.

Therefore, when you have one of the best Firewalls installed on your PC, it blocks all the installation and prompts you. Even if you are trapped by some hacker to click on a link, Firewall blocks any program to get installed without your permission.

It even blocks any program to send emails without your knowledge. So, Firewall is a must have software for your PC to stay safe from Keyloggers.


  1. Use a Password Manager

Keyloggers record your keystrokes. But, what if you don’t type your credentials to login?

You can use password managers such as LastPass, Dashlane, etc. to save all the passwords in them. When you want to login to a particular site, it will automatically fill the credentials you saved earlier. So, even your PC gets a Keylogger without your knowledge; that cannot harm you since it cannot get any keystrokes recorded.

  1. Change your Passwords frequently

If you have been using online banking, you must have noticed that they recommend you change your passwords frequently. Many times, when such Keyloggers are used, a hacker may not use your password instantly, and later you changed your password, they cannot do anything since it is changed.

It is always good to keep changing your password frequently. Sometimes if you have some doubt about the page you log in, or any other suspicions are there, just change your password instantly.

  1. Keep your software updated

When you use some software, you might get their updates in which they recommend you to update the software. There are many people who ignore it. But, I would highly recommend you update the software you use if you get any because updates are for better. Sometimes, updates are done to fill the loopholes and patches that are left behind in older version. If you don’t do it, there are chances hackers may use some technique using their Keylogger tool to exploit your PC.

  1. Activate 2-step Authentication

Nowadays, most of the secured sites have implemented the 2-step authentication. You just need to enable it. It’s important because even if a hacker gets your credentials, he cannot log in until he gets your phone because for each login the website will send you a code on your phone that you have to enter it to login.

It’s just an awesome innovation of technology.

Wrapping up

Security is very important nowadays, and if you don’t take care of it, you may be in problem. So, it’s better to safe than sorry.

These tips are simple yet powerful to protect yourself from Keyloggers.