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10 Best Features of MS Excel to make the most out of it

MS Excel has been the best source of stack data and analyzed it as per the needs since its advent. People from all the fields who need to store a well-formatted data and wants them to get timely examined uses MS Excel and Excel Sheets. Though the sheets are easy to make and can be learned through basic tutorials but there lie some best time-saving tools to get you going.

These sheets do have a difficult side to themselves. Though only known to professional they still are handy for general works and tasks to perform. They are used by professionals simply doesn’t mean that they serve only purposes with higher needs they work well even in simple day to day chores. Let’s take a look.

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Conditional Formatting

This tool is used to study data patterns. It auto analyzes data to find some trends in them. There is always a pattern to every set of data. The Same concept is used in this tool. It studies the pattern and then uses colored bars to highlight similar data trends which makes it easier to notice patterns while analyzing data which may go unseen while analyzing raw data. Find it as follows Home>> Styles >> Conditional Formatting.

Excel Tables

Excel Tables are most efficient way to manage and store any data.It will do the same even if you manage to open it after decades once saved. The whole process is automated. The most important attribute being it manages to keep the data consistent with the entire process. To use it Insert >>Table>> Tables.

Pivot Tables

Pivot is a single thing which gives a sense of whole data by just looking at individual elements. Pivot Tables enables the user to manage huge sums of data in less time. It is a time conserving process. It also processes the same data and makes changes at the back end. It is an efficient data management tool. Find it through Insert >> Table >> Pivot Tables.

Filtering and Sorting

It may take many of you folks by surprise, but yes it is one of the best tools to find and arrange data as per the needs of users. Most of the people try to sort manually, but this tool makes no mistake and gives a full proof result. Go through Data >> Sort and Filter.

Name Manager

This tool allows the user to set default names to a certain cell or range for a particular excel sheet. This will save users’ time and also it will make it easy to get known to certain data in a single look.  You can apply this tool by clicking the text field and referring to upper left cell range and then type the name with no white spaces in the ‘defined names’ dialogue box and hit enter. It all set up.

VBA Macros

VBA Macros comes as a boon to many. It is by far the best tool any user can ask for. It is a tool that lets the user personalize the excel and be a developer by customizing excel. It lets the user import a VB Code and modify the excel. It can also be used to introduce an algorithm to analyze a particular set of data. Start using it by the following Developer >> Code >> Visual Basic.

Basic Math

It obviously needs to be included as the beginner start using it and then resort to more complex functions once they start to excel in excel. But this feature comes handy when there is a need to perform simple tasks which use basic mathematics operands. It also conserves time as compared to those silly complicated structures.

Flash Fill

It was incorporated in the new MS Excel 2013 edition. It studies the data behavior. It analyzes the pattern of data that is entered and compares it to recent entries. Based on its analysis it predicts the next combination of data to be entered.

Goal Seek

It is again a tool incorporated in MS Excel 2013 edition. There are times when we know what the answer is because we have done all the calculations beforehand and know for sure what will be the answer but somehow the correct answer never shows. Goal Seek makes it easier, what it does is that it inputs the answer and then outputs the combination of questions which will lead to the answer.

Cloud Support

We all know the use of cloud storage. It’s nothing to be introduced to. Excel has extended itself to support cloud storage. Users can upload any of the excel files to Microsoft’s Cloud Storage named SkyDrive and then those files can be accessed on any device around the world, modified and can be saved again too.

So here were the ten best features of MS Excel which will obviously help you to finish some task on hand pretty soon.

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