How To Enable Youtube Dark Mode in Chrome, Firefox & Android?

Are you the one who loves to watch favorite and popular YouTube channels like Pewdiepie, Leafyishere, etc? Are you a fan who watches YouTube video day and night? If the answers are yes to our questions, then we have a got a great news for you. We know that thousands of minutes of videos are uploaded daily on YouTube and since the past few years, it has gained a lot of popularity due to its expansion on various devices that includes Smartphone, Tablets, etc.

Anyways, today we have got the news that a guy on Reddit has discovered a cool trick, or hack you can say of YouTube, which allows one to watch YouTube in dark also easily by enabling the YouTube Dark Mode. Wait, what? Yes, you heard it absolutely right! This thing is totally new and was found out just 1-2 days back! Anyways, let’s not waste any more time and instead learn how we can enable this dark mode in browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Steps To Enable The YouTube Dark Mode In Google Chrome Browser:

(Note: This is working as of Chrome version 57 and above)

1) Like we said, it’s functioning properly on Chrome version 57 or above. So, kindly upgrade your browser, if you haven’t. Well, if you want to check your version status then you can do that by heading on to Help, by clicking on three dots on top right corner of the browser. From help, head on to “About Google Chrome” section and there you will be able to see your version.

2) Now, hit up on and now you have to open “Developer Tools”.  Some people also call it Inspect element. Anyways, you can do that easily by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I
3) After you have done that, you would be presented with a box. Now, there click on the second tab, named “Console”.

4) Now, this is an important part. You have to there paste this code:




5) Proceed by pressing “Enter

6) Make sure that you are logged in your account and now you should click on your profile and there you will see an option called “Dark Mode

7) Click on that option, and again you will be greeted with a small box stating the info about Dark mode. Just check that if you want and then just enable the toggle next to option “ACTIVATE DARK MODE“.

8) Boom! Everything is now done! You should now see dark and white+red color combination interface on the screen, instead of the regular red and white interface.


Steps To Enable Dark Mode In Firefox:

(Note: Make sure you are running Mozilla Firefox version 52 or above)

Enabling in Firefox is almost same like we did in Chrome. Still, let’s see how to do it.

1) Open Firefox, and head to             

2) Now, we have to open “Web Console” and to do that, we can press “Ctrl+Shift+K”. 

3) We have now opened the developer options! Same thing like above, head on to the second tab called “Console”

4) Now, enter the following code into the tab:


5) Make final movie by pressing “Enter” button.

6) Now, you have to just go ahead, refresh your page and enable the dark mode toggle to see the new dark theme. (Note: If facing some problem, try to clear your browser’s cookies and data.)

Steps To Enable Dark Mode In Android:

Well, for Android there’s still no straightaway code trick like we did for Chrome and Firefox. Instead, we here use the browser’s inbuilt night mode, or we use some third party app. Some of you guys may already know about it. But, still, we will do it here by taking the example of UC web browser.

Like we see in UC web browser, you can click on the three dotted lines and turn on “Night Mode” by clicking on the half moon sign and then you can access anything in dark mode, even YouTube. You can also change it back anytime whenever you wish or feel like. Same thing applies to other browsers also, like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. If you don’t like viewing YouTube on mobile in the browser, then you can switch to some 3rd party app which support for dark mode for YouTube viewing.

youtube dark mode

Dark Mode in UC Web Browser


WOW! So we have now learnt to get rid of the old white and red theme and view YouTube in the new dark mode theme. But, a sad thing has been reported by our research that this thing is not working on Safari browser, due to some reason. Still, at least you can try out in other browsers! So, from now on you won’t have problem viewing YouTube at night time. If you liked reading our article, then share it with your friends. Also, let us know your YouTube Dark Mode experience in the comments section below.


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