Super Mario Run Alternatives For Android 2017

When we were kids, we all loved playing the video game Super Mario. By looking at the popularity of this video game, Super Mario run has been released by Nintendo for the mobile platform. But only the iOS users experience this game now. So, if you are a owner of iPhone then you can play this, but you need to pay $10 for unlocking it. Unfortunately, this game will not be launched for Android platform.

Android users also want to play this game, but they have to wait till 2017. You can find many Android gaming apps those can be alternatives for Super Mario. Today we will discuss some of them.

Super Mario Alternatives for Android

Jetpack Joyride

Fruit ninja game has developed Jetpack Joyride. Barry Steakfries is the hero and endless runner of this game. You have to dodge the lasers and missiles along with boasting the dragons, science lab and mechs. This game is similar to Super Mario Run game as the hero needs to run endlessly in order to accomplish the task. You don’t need to pay money for unlocking this game for your Android phones.


Temple Run 2

Just like Super Mario Run, the player has to collect coins while running endlessly, but the look and feel of this game are different. The player has to be escaping himself from the dragon and collect coins as much as possible. There are different levels present in the game, which will unlock after winning prior stage just like Super Mario Run. The player has to cross many obstacles and jump from long gaps on the floor in order to accomplish the task and collect a good amount of coins. The game is available at free of cost in Android play store.

Sonic Dash

Well, the sonic dash is quite similar to Super Mario Run as the player has to run without knowing the end. It is a 2D game, and a player can use the abilities of Sonic in order to take advantage in the game. The player has to run, jump, roll and spin and has to reach the end. The game does not ask for money in order to be played on Android phones and is easily available on the Android store.

Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures is a 2D game which features limb-less hero. The player has to recover the stolen eggs which belong to the ancient time. Players also get the chance to collect the creatures and then can feed them and also can play and make music with them. It is somewhere similar to Super Mario Run and is a good alternative until the launch of the Super Mario run game in android phones. You do not need to pay for this game as you get this game from the Android store at free of cost.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

You will get the opportunity to command the unicorn in Robot Unicorn Attack 2. the unicorn can run, jump and play in this game. Players can get various facilities like creating own Unicorns, taking giants, and fly. The look this game is quite colorful and enjoyable. You can get this game from the Android store at free of cost.


Final Words

These are some games which can be considered as alternatives of Super Mario. You can play these games on your Android device and experience same feeling as a iOS user feels when he/she play Super Mario.