How to hack android games with Freedom apk?

Android is the widely used operating system in the market. Almost 95% of the Smartphones run on Android-based OS with small modifications here and there. Android OS is open source software and many companies have already indulged into the android development of this open source software; due to this reason we see billions of games available for Android. Many of the games are free but some of them are paid which requires the users to spend their hard earned money and download the game.

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Hack android game

Hacking an Android game means you need to have the superuser right in the operating system. If you have got the superuser right then you are free to modify it as per your requirement. By hacking an android Game, you unlock all its features and get access to every space within it. There are two ways to hack an Android Game.

  1. With Rooting

  2. Without Rooting

Method 1: How to hack Android game With Rooting?

Freedom apk is yet another type of application that is used for hacking most of the Android games. It helps in changing the values of the games directly as per your choice. There are certain pre-requisites for installing this application. One of the key things is to ensure that your Android phone should be rooted because you need to have superuser rights in order to run this application. With the help of this method, you can easily hack a number of Android games such as Clash of Clans, Subway surfers, temple run and much more.

Follow below easy steps

  1. Download freedom apk and install the application.
  2. Open the application and grant it superuser rights.
  3. Now open the game you wish to hack. As you open the game, a small rectangle icon will be visible on top of the screen.
  4. Now modify the game application as per the requirement such as enter the number of free coins you wish to download.
  5. Your application is now hacked.

Method 2: How to hack Android Game without Rooting?

  1. First, you need to download and install Lucky Patcher application.
  2. After installing the application, you need to open it.
  3. In the application, you will be able to see all the available games installed in your device.
  4. Select the game that has in-app purchases or that you wish to hack.
  5. Now Click on “Open Menu of patches”
  6. Create modified APK file (it helps in building the modified hacked version of APK file) and click on Apkrebuilded for InApp and LVL emulation.
  7. Now you need to wait for some time so that apk could re-build.
  8. Now, uninstall the hacked version of the game. Open file manager and go to the SD card link mentioned as follows- Card>Android>data>com.forpda.lp>files>lucky patcher>modified>required game.
  9. Check the game, install it and you are all set to enjoy hacked version of the game.


Above are some of the simple steps to hack your android game. You can use either method – using root or without root access. With the help of above hacking methods, you can unlock all features in any Android game and stay on the top of the scoreboard.