What Are Keyloggers And How to Protect Yourself from Them?

In the world of Computers and Internet, safety is the main concern because you may not want someone to invade into your PC and steal your confidential information. Nowadays, we even use online banking. Just think if someone gets our credentials they may steal your money too. Though online banking is much secured, it is said that nothing is safe online. But, by using precautions and implementing few security measures we can make ourselves safe.

Keyloggers are the small tools that record all the keystrokes. Hackers use it frequently to trap people to click on some links that install the Keylogger in their PC without even they know. And, when they type their passwords to login to their email, Facebook, banking, etc. all of the strokes are recorded. Now, advanced Keyloggers have the feature of sending an email to specified email address. Hackers put their email address there, so that whenever it records keystrokes and make a log file, it sends that log report to that email address. This way, they get your detail.

Now the question is how to stay protected from them?

What are the safety measures that we can use to protect yourself from such Keyloggers?

Don’t worry; I am here to share a list of ways that you can use to protect yourself from Keyloggers.

  1. Install Firewall on your PC

Firewall blocks every program to perform any task on your computer. Say, when you install a software program, your Firewall prompts you that this software wants to make some changes to your computer. If you click on allow then only the setup proceeds.

There are many things that your Firewall blocks and prompts you first whether to allow or not.

Therefore, when you have one of the best Firewalls installed on your PC, it blocks all the installation and prompts you. Even if you are trapped by some hacker to click on a link, Firewall blocks any program to get installed without your permission.

It even blocks any program to send emails without your knowledge. So, Firewall is a must have software for your PC to stay safe from Keyloggers.


  1. Use a Password Manager

Keyloggers record your keystrokes. But, what if you don’t type your credentials to login?

You can use password managers such as LastPass, Dashlane, etc. to save all the passwords in them. When you want to login to a particular site, it will automatically fill the credentials you saved earlier. So, even your PC gets a Keylogger without your knowledge; that cannot harm you since it cannot get any keystrokes recorded.

  1. Change your Passwords frequently

If you have been using online banking, you must have noticed that they recommend you change your passwords frequently. Many times, when such Keyloggers are used, a hacker may not use your password instantly, and later you changed your password, they cannot do anything since it is changed.

It is always good to keep changing your password frequently. Sometimes if you have some doubt about the page you log in, or any other suspicions are there, just change your password instantly.

  1. Keep your software updated

When you use some software, you might get their updates in which they recommend you to update the software. There are many people who ignore it. But, I would highly recommend you update the software you use if you get any because updates are for better. Sometimes, updates are done to fill the loopholes and patches that are left behind in older version. If you don’t do it, there are chances hackers may use some technique using their Keylogger tool to exploit your PC.

  1. Activate 2-step Authentication

Nowadays, most of the secured sites have implemented the 2-step authentication. You just need to enable it. It’s important because even if a hacker gets your credentials, he cannot log in until he gets your phone because for each login the website will send you a code on your phone that you have to enter it to login.

It’s just an awesome innovation of technology.

Wrapping up

Security is very important nowadays, and if you don’t take care of it, you may be in problem. So, it’s better to safe than sorry.

These tips are simple yet powerful to protect yourself from Keyloggers.